Hair Time Pt. 1

Culture has a renewed focus on men's hair. Generic IT tech-style mops, a la Michael Bolton from Office Space, are no longer acceptable, not that they ever really were.

Sorry Mike, but a man's hair should be cut well, styled and cared for. The good news is that the majority of hair stylists and barbers can do this for us. In other words, the professionals aren't to blame for years of bad cuts. They work for us, and there is only so much council an everyday hair stylist will give before acquiescing to a customer's misguided demands.

The trick is to find a cut that will work for you on multiple levels. A cut should be appropriate for your workplace, it should be easy for you to take care of and style daily, and it should make you look smart and handsome. Remember, zany is terrible, and wacky is awful.

If finding your cut becomes a burden, ask your barber or hair-stylist for advice. They usually have it. However, it is hard to go wrong with some of the traditional cuts for men. Think of all those great looks in Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire.

These cuts are simple and within the repertoire of most salons and shops. The difficulty with these cuts lies within the styling process. You will have to make your hair a part of your daily routine and put a bit of care and product into it. The problem is that the amount of hair-products available to men now is overwhelming. We can help with that

The answer for many is probably Brylcreem:

Since 1928 Men have been using a dab of Brylcreem to easily style their hair. It's affordable, and it smells good too. If you're thinking of buying a standard neon colored gel, don't. Buy a tube of Brylcreem instead.  You will be get better styling results and infinitely better touch and feel. Brylcreem is also a good option if you are looking for something a little less greasy than traditional pomade. I use it.

The other product I've been using for a couple of weeks now is called Dust-It:

Dust It
is a powder. It acts sort of like a starch. A little bit sprinkled then rubbed directly into your hair will give you unbelievable control. The kicker is, you add it to dry hair, and it leaves your hair looking absolutely dry.

Stay tuned for some example photos of each product and a review of two pomades. One is a cheap drug-store brand, and the other is made by an up and coming indie pomade firm.


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